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2 boys smiling, and captioned thank you for helping us thrive

What is the Thrive Team?

The Thrive Team is made of our faithful monthly givers. Consistent monthly recurring donations of any amount automatically qualify supporters as Thrive Team members.

Why are monthly donations important?

We are grateful for all donations, but monthly donations give us the financial freedom and flexibility to plan and provide everything our kids need to thrive.

Are there any special perks to becoming a Thrive Team member?

Yes! Each Thrive team member receives:

    • A refrigerator magnet thanking you for your help
    • The discount code for our Hope merchandise store where you can purchase shirts, coffee mugs, etc.
    • A monthly letter from one of our kids, sharing his or her life at Hope Unlimited
3 girls smiling and captioned thank you for helping us thrive

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What does every child need to thrive?

A family. A positive peer culture. A caring neighborhood. Three adult role models from outside the family. To know that he or she is safe. A school with a strong learning environment.

Clearly defined boundaries. Chores. Service to others. High expectations for achievement. To know contributions are valued. Homework. Positive values of honesty, integrity, caring.

One hour of physical play every day. Down time every day. Daily time to read for pleasure. At least three hours per week of cultural/artistic activities.

Daily prayer and devotion opportunities. Weekly spiritual formation. To know God loves them.

What Thrive Team members are saying

“Once we decided that we were committed to Hope over the long term, we wanted a way to time our giving so that we could manage our own cash flow, but more importantly, we wanted Hope to be able to count on a certain revenue stream in a planned way. We know that it’s extra difficult to manage the financial challenges of an organization like Hope when the unknowns overwhelm the knowns.”

Tia S.
former marketing executive for a large pharmaceutical company

“Since I can’t go do down to Brazil every month and serve the kids in person, supporting Hope Unlimited through the Thrive Team is the next best thing! I decided to give up 2 coffee runs a month, and I know that money is actually making a difference.”

Sara P.
college student

“I began giving monthly to Hope Unlimited because I wanted to support the kids and this was the easiest way for me.  The donation is simply charged to my credit card each month, and I don’t have to think about it; and what’s more amazing is that I don’t even miss the money!”

Angela M.
Customer Service Rep for IT company

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