Why do you support Hope Unlimited for Children with your time, dollars, energy, or other resources? How has the work in Brazil impacted you? What do you want others to know about Hope?

Bob with Hope student
Bob M., long-time volunteer, donor, and supporter of Hope Unlimited

“Every day on our trip to Hope Mountain and the City of Youth, we were surrounded with children who wanted to talk with us and give us manly hugs! These children are over-comers with the Lord’s help, and that was a take away for me. My problems are pale in comparison to the ones they have overcome. I want to be more joyous like they are. I want to give more manly hugs like they do. I want to trust Christ like they do.

The work being done in Brazil by Phil and Corenne Smith and their staff is nothing short of miraculous. Our church supports their ministry, and our team can testify that the support we give is really changing lives in God’s Kingdom. What better way can a dollar invested in changed lives be spent?”

Laura Coon
Laura, long-time supporter of Hope Unlimited; co-chair of the #GIVE2023 rummage sale at First Presbyterian Church Hayward

“Many years ago, I heard the story of how Hope Unlimited for Children was founded and how they began rescuing abandoned, abused and hurting children from the streets of Brazil. Soon after, I joined a group of people traveling to the City of Youth in Campinas, Brazil.

I saw the transformation of these children during their worship service, watching them worship Jesus Christ and learning to accept the love of their Heavenly Father. I heard the transformation in their laughter, listening to them talk together at the dinner table with each other and their house parent. I felt the transformation in every hug I received that week from a child, and I mean every child!

I am inspired by the incredible work that is being done by every adult working faithfully to help transform these children’s lives. I choose to take action, whether by visiting the children in Brazil and participating on a project work team or by giving to support Hope Unlimited of Children financially. Either way, I know I can make a difference.”

Burt McDowell
Burt M., retired board member of 22+ years

“When I received Christ at the age of 39, I wanted Him to change me. I was doubtful that He could until I was invited to Hope’s City of Youth in Brazil. With the staff’s sacrificial and loving care, God transformed hardened, hopeless, street kids into joyful and optimistic young people who love the Lord and each other. That trip was 26 years ago.  Since then I have seen these young boys and girls grow into mature, productive, and godly adults. Many of the graduates work on staff with Hope, modeling for the current kids what they can become.

This ministry has and is continuing to break the cycle of abusive families, poverty, prostitution, and hopelessness, giving its graduates and their future generations a productive future and faith in a miracle working God. It is a life-transforming ministry for the kids it serves and for those who witness it.”

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