Hope Unlimited

Imagine having a campus full of teenage boys with no running water for several days. Showers, toilets that flush—things we use daily and take for granted—are unavailable.

During certain times of the year, the state suffers from drought, and the public water supply is cut off for days at a time, causing immense difficulties.

The solution is to dig a well, which would cost $25,000 and would provide a continual flow of more than enough water to take care of all of our daily needs at Hope Mountain.



Closets are a big deal; and we need new ones at the City of Youth in Campinas!

Our kids arrive from the streets with nothing. Picture the delight dancing in the eyes of new arrivals as they receive new clothes, toiletries, and a stuffed animal friend! If you have ever visited our campus, you have had the pleasure of being escorted by children into their rooms to show off their space. They beam with pride as they point to their carefully organized closets, a personalized place of their very own—a little piece of permanence for young hearts and minds that crave belonging and self-expression.

This is the beginning of hope, carried on through holistic care and finding completion when our children are transformed by accepting Jesus Christ into their hearts.

60 free-standing closets will cost $10,000.

This year we are going to be so bold as to propose a dual campaign including two funding options for Giving Tuesday on November 29th: a NEW WELL for Hope Mountain and NEW CLOSETS for our kids in Campinas. Also, if you would like to donate now, we would love to accomodate!

But God makes a home for the lonely; He leads out the prisoners into prosperity (Psalm 68:6)

Won’t you join us and contribute to one or both of these campaigns?

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