Celebrate Purposefully

Celebrating Our Children

Many children on our campuses fled abuse and exploitation at a young age.  They ended up on the streets where survival is the only goal.  When a child is brought to us, they often do not know their birthdate and have never experienced family and friends gathering around to celebrate their life.  

That’s why birthdays are extra special at Hope Unlimited for Children.  If we cannot find records to give us their official birthday, each child gets to choose and most of them pick the date of the next birthday event on the calendar.  

We do birthdays big!  All the children with birthdays in the current month have a party that includes going to the mall to experience many fun firsts – their first time riding an escalator, their first time watching a movie at the theater, their first hamburger and fries at McDonald’s, and their first time at the arcade.  They return to campus to eat cake, play games, and receive gifts.  They are also presented with character certificates from their house parents, highlighting their good character traits.

Celebrating their lives is an important part of teaching them that they are loved and valued for who they are.

We have a party at each campus every month.  If you would like to sponsor a party reach out to us for additional details.  


Thinking of donating your birthday?

You can celebrate a special event in your life purposefully by telling your friends and family you’d like donations to Hope instead of gifts! Pledge your next birthday, anniversary, or other big occasion to enable children from the streets of Brazil to thrive. Do you have a Facebook page? You can even create a birthday fundraiser for Hope! Find out details here.


Be sure to let us know below so we can celebrate with you!

Let's Celebrate!