07 Oct It All Starts Friday!

“Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
Mark 11:24

It all starts Friday! Join us for 30 Days of Prayer for Hope.

Prayer is a mystery to me. Why does God, the Creator of the universe who transcends time, need us to pray? It’s definitely a commandment. Over and over, we’re encouraged to ask, petition, converse, worship through prayer. 
Years ago I worked in an office of unbelievers when a friend (the sister of my future hubby Philip) burst into the lunch room, “My house was broken into. They took everything, but the only thing I care about is our camcorder with our baby pictures. Please pray that we get it back!” Feeling a bit foolish in front of my scoffing colleagues, I took her hand and boldly prayed for God to return the camcorder.

You guessed it. That night, I got a call from a stranger saying she’d found my Bible at the bottom of a gorge. “My Bible? I’m not missing a Bible!” I said. “Why do you think it’s mine?” “Because it has a prayer card with your phone number in it.” 
Immediately I connected the dots. Years ago, I’d gone on a mission trip, and my friend still used my old support card as a bookmark. “Was there a video tape down there too?” “Actually, there was…”
Can you imagine how I felt the next day reporting how the video tape had been recovered?
It was clear that God—the Creator of the universe—was listening and that He cares about minute details. God invites us to cry out to him. To be vulnerable, to be happy, to be thankful, to share our most sacred and secret thoughts. And the more we step out in faith, the more we see the miracles.
For the past seven years, we have asked you to join us in prayer for 30 days—the 30 days leading up to Orphan Sunday. Doors that would have remained closed have been opened; hearts hardened beyond belief have changed; and children’s lives have been transformed. God dearly loves each child—more deeply than humanly possible. And He calls us to pray and to be the hands, feet, and heart of that love. 
During each of the next 30 days, we will once again send out heartfelt requests for prayer from the mission field in Brazil. Together, let us raise our voices on behalf of each request! 
(Written as a collaborative effort by the Hope team)
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Just and loving Father, we ask you to break our hearts for the things that break your heart. You remind us throughout your word to pray for orphans, those who are helpless, those who are unloved. We commit the next 30 days to opening our hearts to their plight and to lifting up these children in prayer, along with those who are serving them.