03 Feb Celebrate Valentine’s Day With The Children at Hope!

For young girls and boys who end up on the streets of Brazil, abuse and exploitation are all too common experiences. They are often very confused about the concepts of love. The Heart For Kids program is one of our efforts to help get them on the right track.

Will you join us in the fun of communicating a positive message? This Valentine’s Day, you can make cards for the children at Hope Unlimited. It may seem like just a small act of kindness, but getting a personalized card is really a big deal to our kids. Many have never received a letter or card from anyone.

You may either address the card with “Dear Valentine” or  randomly select the first name of a child from the lists below to personalize the card. (To make sure that cards are evenly distributed, we might suggest that you choose three numbers between 1 and 150 and use the corresponding names).

You shouldn’t include your address, but if you sign it with your complete name, the child may want to write back, and we can get their card to you.

You can find a downloadable card with Portuguese phrases to help personalize it here. You may also choose to make a card using your own materials. When you’re ready, mail your card(s) to us at the following address by May 15:

Hope Unlimited for Children
3130 Alpine Road, Ste 288-125
Portola Valley, CA 94028

We use our Valentine’s Day as a fun way to talk about love, relationships and how to manage those feelings without manipulating or being manipulated.  Clearly, our kids have had lots of negative role models. Thank you for joining us in this communication of love, and we appreciate your involvement in our annual Heart for Kids.

Many friends of Hope even host Valentine’s Day parties where they share the joy of making cards together and share about the ministry so close to all of our hearts. As you get creative, be sure to post pictures, tag us, and use hashtag #HeartForKids. We can’t wait to see your cards!

Find out more ways to get involved with Hope here. Please also prayerfully consider making a donation to Hope Unlimited as you celebrate love this Valentine’s Day!