22 Mar Fabio’s Story

Fabio is a vibrant Christian who is active in his church. He came to mind today because I just got a wedding invitation.  Fabio is getting married! I have to admit I was a little worried whether he ever would find somebody…his growth was stunted, his little body so scarred, his speech affected by his mutilated tongue…I’m now ashamed to have limited the potential of our God.

Fabio and Camilla could not afford a formal wedding or reception—he will always suffer the effects of those terrible, early days. But he will always be a member of the Hope family!  We wanted to reward him with a real wedding so Camila’s relatives could see that Fabio has a family who values him.

We rented a small hotel ballroom and invited Fabio’s pastor along with friends from his church. We also invited a number of Hope graduates who were at Hope with Fabio.  Following the reception, we put the honeymooners up in a hotel for two nights.  From the excited videos they posted to friends the next morning, it was clear they had never experienced anything so “chic!” I kept thinking about what Fabio deserves that could even begin to make restitution for the terrible things done to him by our fellow human beings.  What a joy it was to be able to provide this gift!

Church members provided most of the furnishings they needed for their first home. All they still lack is a refrigerator. Only if it will give you joy, we invite you to participate!  If you want to bless Fabio and Camilla with a special gift towards this, just write their names on a check subject line, or to give online, click here and write “Fabio” in the donation comments. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!