12 Oct Day 2: Rhai

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”
Psalm 121:3


My first memory of this skinny, small-for-his-age kid is being kicked out of a friendly soccer game for his temper. As he sat on the sidelines fuming, Rhai refused to talk to me. I also remember him strutting his stuff down the corridors of the mall on one of our birthday outings.  Phil asked him, nicely, to pull up his pants and not wear his baseball cap sideways, which conveyed the message, “I’m bad, probably part of a gang, and not to be messed with.” Although he grudgingly complied, 20 minutes later his cap was on sideways again. Such blatant disrespect towards us rarely happens.

Sitting in my living room across from this kind, gentle, compassionate, incredibly intuitive, and Godly young man, who would think it could be the same kid?
He’s been working for the past three years at a company converting vehicles to run on natural gas (and is now a manager). But back in the day, I remember him thriving in our Barber Certification course. Michelle, his instructor, had taken Rhai under her wing. She and her husband helped him find his first apartment, invited him to attend church with them, and, when her son was born, asked Rhai to be his Godparent.  Little did he know what a responsibility that would become…
Rhai’s dream is to be married and have his own family. He dated a pastor’s daughter, but she found somebody else and his heart was broken. This rejection could have derailed him, but it did not. Instead, he focused his very real pain into quietly helping his alumni friends who needed extra encouragement.  Somebody’s always using his couch, so perhaps it’s no surprise that he wants to be a psychologist. This month he’s filling out college applications.
Please pray for Rhai, and for all our graduates who are trailblazing on their own. It is hard enough to get through college with a family supporting you. The odds are so against Rhai. Pray that the Lord will help him to stay focused; and, when the time is right, bring the right woman into life.
Meanwhile, his story doesn’t end here. Please join us tomorrow for the continuation…

Heavenly Father, we thank you for Rhai who wants to use his gifts to serve you. We pray that you will keep him strong as he goes on to college and is subject to so many other influences. Protect him and guide his steps.