20 Oct Day 10: The Road Less Traveled

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9

Laura and her family

Laura Alte has made two trips to Brazil to volunteer at Hope. Last year, she brought her entire family. And she is amazing. She married Alan, adopting his daughter Shannon (who dreams of working for Hope some day). They had three kids of their own. Then, due to a trauma in their extended family, they  suddenly became the guardians of three more children under the age of 10! Laura owns a very complex business. Alan travels for the military. Their house recently flooded. Laura could be stressed to distraction, but she manages to get dinner on the table each evening and the kids arrive at school and church on time. And, she still manages to love on Hope’s kids.

This year, much of our time has been spent making new friends and visiting old friends in the churches that support us here in the United States. Although I’m conflicted being away from Brazil, at each and every church I am amazed by the people who connect with us—really connect. People like Laura who have family members who have gone through circumstances similar to those of our boys and girls in Brazil. And yet, they still have the heart to become involved with us!

How many times have I sat next to a woman about my age at the pot luck following the service to hear that her son is in prison, or daughter is addicted to drugs? How many grandparents do I meet who have custody of their young grandchildren? There is brokenness that we share, and from that comes compassion. Kindred hearts. Encouragement to keep up the good fight, because we have all learned that transformation does not come quickly or easily. I needed this time in the States. I needed to meet the people who are the backbone of what we do. It makes the Body of Christ real.

I think of all Hope’s supporters as part of our family. Today, please pray for one another. For all the parents with children that have learning differences, behavior problems, health issues, addictions. For all the grandparents raising a second generation. For family members who are in prison. Yet, God has filled you with so much love, it even spills over to touch the lives of children in Brazil. You are definitely on the road less traveled, but know that Christ is with you on that journey. Be of good courage. Don’t ever give up hope.


Heavenly Father, thank you for those who are called to step up and become parents to those who have none. Give them the compassion and grace and patience required to get through the tough times, which have not prevented them from being Your hands and feet.