11 Oct Day 1: Felix

“Through the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within us, carefully guard the precious truth that has been entrusted to you.”
2 Timothy 1:14

Felix and Corenne

I got the door to hear the words I always dread: “Tia (aunt), I’m coming to say goodbye.” I knew I was supposed to be happy for Felix. He was happy because the judge was re-integrating him back to his family. But you can imagine my concern, knowing the sister who had worked hard to gain guardianship was already a single mom, and only 18. But at least she had a stable job as a waitress, and had moved into a larger apartment to meet the judge’s requirement that Felix have his own room. The fear of any “foster parent” is that moment when you have to let go; and for us, it happens a lot.

Felix was never a problem. He was always available to help or even do cartwheels with Bella in the corridor just to keep her happy. He worked hard in school. But if he left, would he continue to go to school? Would he just be used as a baby sitter for his sister? Would he fall into bad company?

Yes, he stayed in touch with me on Facebook, but telling me he’s “good” is not the same as looking into his eyes and seeing that they are clear and drug free, seeing that his clothes are clean, and getting the sense that his soul is being cared for.

Last July Bella and I visited Felix. How excited I was to see that he, now 16, had an internship at a restaurant after school; and that the owner was a kind, gentle woman with kids of her own, who also employed Felix’s two older sisters! Having gone through so much, the three siblings had found each other, were living together, and were making good choices.

Thank you, Jesus, for guardian angels like the woman who was giving them “registered” work—honest work with signed documents—and who cares enough to make sure Felix is going to school each day and has time to do his homework.

I’m sad that Felix works on Sundays and can’t go to church; but I have to trust that his soul and heart are in the Lord’s hands. Please pray for all our kids, given to us for what seems like only a moment. Felix was with us for three years. I’ll always consider him one of mine, and I thank God for the time I had him, and for the young man he is going to be.

Father, we thank you for Felix—for the privilege of having him with us and for his profession of faith in you. We pray that you will guard his heart, and hold him close to you.