18 Jul Christianity Today Features Hope Unlimited

Christianity Today included perspectives in worldwide orphan care—its history and its future—in its July issue. The direction of the orphan-care movement in Christian circles worldwide is an extremely important topic, and Hope Unlimited plays a critical role in shaping opinions.

Hope Unlimited President David Z. Nowell was asked to share about Hope’s unique graduate transition program and family-style care in the article. Here’s an excerpt:

“[We serve kids who] have been so traumatized by their lives that if you place them in a traditional family setting, they aren’t going to make it. These are children who have been seriously abused, forced into sex trafficking, or used as child soldiers. They can receive the specialized kind of care [at Hope] they couldn’t receive in a single-family home,” he said. “They function as a support group for each other, receive counseling, and feel safe in a context completely unlike the ones in which they were abused.”

You can read the full article here.