Vision Trips

Girls standing at fence

The Vision Experience

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” the saying goes. But seeing firsthand the work and ministry of Hope is so far beyond what words or pictures can express. When you experience through your encounter with our remarkable kids the transformation that has marked their lives, your life will be transformed.

Our Brazil team will carefully craft a personalized itinerary that will take into account your interests, capabilities and desires. Your trip will include time with our Brazil leadership team, a tour of our campuses, an opportunity to view the streets and favelas from which our children come, and exposure to the Brazilian culture. Depending on the timing of your trip, we may schedule meetings with local government and business leaders so you can get their perspective on the work of Hope.

Most important, you will spend time with our kids. You will see them at school, in their vocation programs, at play, at worship, and in their homes. You will hear their stories, you will see the light in their eyes, and you will join them in celebrating the goodness of their lives. And don’t be surprised if you become “Tio” (Uncle) or “Tia” (Aunt) to some wonderful kids.

Girls standing at fence

Expanding the Experience

Many of our vision guests take advantage of their time in Brazil to take a little personal time to enjoy the sights and sounds beyond the border of Hope. From the beaches of Rio, to the majesty of Iguasu Falls, to the wonder of the Amazon rainforest, we will be happy to work with you to develop an extended itinerary for your trip to Brazil.

For more information on a vision trip, read our Visitor Guide here or please contact us at:

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Mission Trips

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We invite you to journey to Brazil with us for a week of ministry that is truly “unto the least of these.” For the past two decades, Hope Unlimited for Children has been in the business of transforming the lives of children who are at mortal risk. You are invited to be a part of this remarkable ministry. A week long mission trip to one of our three campuses in Brazil will not only impact the lives of these precious children, but can also transform your life and the life of your church.

Trip Description

A member of our U.S. staff will guide your group through the decision and preparation process. While you are in Brazil, an English-speaking host will accompany you throughout your time with Hope. There will be opportunities for cultural experiences and sightseeing, and your group will participate in age- and ability-appropriate work projects that have a real impact on the quality of life for our children. Invariably, the most important aspect of the trip is the life-changing interaction you will have with the children of Hope.

What does a mission trip do for Hope?

It allows us to use our resources to provide for the rescue and transformation of more children. But more important, the members of a mission group truly become agents of God’s love to these children. The children see love in action. As one of our girls said to a volunteer: “You are like the stars in the sky. I may not always see you, but it means so much to know that you are there.”

What does a mission trip do for you and you church?

Quite simply, it transforms you. When you become an agent of God’s love, when you get your hands dirty, when you hug a child and you see genuine love in his eyes, you become a different person, because “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

For more information on a mission trip, read our Visitor Guide here or please contact us at:

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Prayer Team

No work is more important than contributing to the ministry of Hope Unlimited through prayer. Hundreds of faithful supporters pray daily for the work of Hope Unlimited. You too can be a part of our prayer team.

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Special Events

Valentines project

Our Valentines project gives a new outlook on life for some very special girls.

Read about it here.

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