Throughout our 22 year history, Hope Unlimited for Children has raised united voices in prayer on behalf of the orphaned child. In response, God has brought hope and healing to thousands of children.

On November 3, 2013, Hope Unlimited will join the Christian Alliance for Orphans and churches worldwide to celebrate adoption, fostering, and orphan care that reveals God's heart.

You’re invited to pray with us for the 30 days leading up to Orphan Sunday. You may organize a prayer group or pray on your own. To help you know specific needs, we have prepared a prayer guide just for you.

  • Downloada 30 Days of Prayer For Hope prayer guide. Mac users may need to view file in Preview to print.
  • Subscribeto receive a daily email devotional for 30 days leading up to Orphan Sunday.
  • Receivea print copy of the 30 Days of Prayer For Hope prayer guide in the mail.

Help spread the word about praying for the children of Hope Unlimited! Include Hope Unlimited your church’s regular prayer meeting or small group prayer time. Find more ideas here.

Acknowledge the Reality

27,000 children become orphans every single day.
They need a voice—and we are called to give it to them.

Can one person really make a difference? Yes! Whether it's as simple as a prayer during a worship service or as extravagant as a city-wide event, every move to raise awareness of the plight of the orphan is a step forward.

Orphaned children need your talents, your resources, and your voice telling their stories. You can bring them hope.

It's easier than you think! Just use the menu to the right to find ideas. Then plan your event and tell us your plans!

  • Organize an Event

    Consider being an Orphan Sunday Coordinator for your church, organization, or community.

    Your role can be as large or small as your time allows. Contact us to let us know you're interested. Please put Orphan Sunday in the subject line. No pressure and no commitment required until you're ready to make one!

    Looking for event ideas? Check out some of our favorites below.

    • Help enlist families and churches to participate in 30 Days of Prayer for Hope. Find out more here.
    • Show a Hope Unlimited or Orphan Sunday video during Sunday School class, church worship service, family prayer time, or small group and speak about Hope Unlimited for Children.
    • Set up an information table in your church foyer or other high-traffic area telling about the ministry of Hope Unlimited for Children. Contact us for materials.
    • Use email, blogs, and social media to talk about how Hope Unlimited will join churches worldwide on Orphan Sunday (November 3, 2013) to raise awareness for the orphaned children we serve. Find blogging resources and videos here.
    • Have a Bible study or small group discussion about God’s heart for the orphan.
    • Read a book (alone or as a book club) that explores God's heart for the fatherless.
    • Plan a mission or vision trip to Brazil to engage personally in the work of Hope Unlimited for Children.
    • Dine at the Orphan's Table: Prepare and serve a simple "rice and beans" meal to your guests. The meal represents the only food many orphans will eat all day. Discuss God's love for the fatherless and for each of us. This can be a church-wide event, a group of friends, or simply your family.
    • Host a multi-church orphan awareness event.
  • Pray Faithfully

    For 30 days leading up to Orphan Sunday, join Hope Unlimited in praying for abused, exploited, and abandoned children. Find a prayer guide and ideas here.

  • Give Generously

    Prayerfully consider donating to Hope Unlimited and investing in the future of a child.

    • Join with family and friends to increase the power of your gift to Hope Unlimited.
    • Become a member of Hope Unlimited for Children's Thrive Team and make a difference in the life of a child every month!
    • Give a portion of your business earnings for the month of November to Hope.
    • Add the children of Hope to your Christmas list. Consider spending at least  as much on them as you do your own family—or asking friends and family to give to Hope in your honor this holiday season.
  • Spread the Word

    Involve your friends, family, and community in your efforts to give voice to the orphan.

    • Follow Hope Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter, and post about us to your friends!
    • Include an article in your church or civic group newsletter about the work of Hope Unlimited for Children.
    • Use posters and/or bulletin inserts at your events. Find them here.
    • Encourage your pastor to preach a sermon or lead a prayer focused on God's love for the fatherless.
    • Use your local media to raise awareness about your event. Find a sample press release here.

Everything you need to help

Find everything you need to pray with us and plan an Orphan Sunday event that includes Hope Unlimited For Children below.

  • Blogger Badges

    Find graphics for your blog here.

  • Posters

    Download and customize your own poster to publicize your event.

  • Prayer Guide

    Find a 30 Days of Prayer for Hope guide here.

  • Hope Unlimited INFORMATION

    Include Hope Unlimited in your Orphan Sunday event. Find out about our history and programs here and contact us for information.

  • Videos

    Find Hope Unlimited videos here and general orphan awareness videos here.

  • Small Group Bible Studies

    Find discussion topics on the Hope Unlimited blog.

  • Sermon Notes/Resources

    Encourage your pastor or Sunday School leader to speak about God’s heart for the orphan. Find sermon notes here.

  • Testimonies

    Find stories of children transformed on the Hope Unlimited blog.

  • Reading List

    Find a list of books to learn more about the orphan here.

  • Orphan's Table

    Find supplies and ideas for your Orphan’s Table event here.


    Download a bulletin insert for Orphan Sunday here.

If you're willing to consider being an Orphan Sunday coordinator,
Contact Us today and put Orphan Sunday in the subject line.


  • What is orphan sunday and how is hope unlimited for children involved?

    Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to rouse church, community, and friends to God's call for orphans.

    Ten years ago, a pastor in Zambia, Africa passionately called his congregation to care for local orphans in their AIDS- and poverty-ravaged community. The congregation responded quickly and powerfully. When the service ended, one person after another stepped forward to provide money, food, and clothes. Some even took the clothes off their backs.

    An American attending the service that day was deeply moved. He later encouraged other churches in Zambia to organize similar orphan care-focused Sunday services. The efforts spread to the United States in 2003 with help from Every Orphan’s Hope and the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

    Today, Orphan Sunday is observed worldwide on the first Sunday in November. All events are locally led – sermons, luncheons, fundraisers, concerts, shared meals, and youth activities designed specifically to raise awareness and give voice to orphaned children.

    This year, Hope Unlimited For Children invites you to pray with us for 30 days leading up to Orphan Sunday, using this prayer guide. Then, on Sunday, November 3, 2013, observe Orphan Sunday and spread the word about our work with orphans in Brazil.

  • Is it OK to hold a fundraiser as part of 30 Days of Prayer for Hope?

    Absolutely! 30 Days of Prayer for Hope is primarily an advocacy and prayer effort – an opportunity for you to raise awareness of and celebrate God’s heart for orphans. However, we support fundraising efforts to contribute to Hope Unlimited’s ongoing work in the lives of abused, abandoned, and exploited children.

  • What Resources are available?

    All of the tools you need to pray during 30 Days of Prayer For Hope or plan and promote your event are available right here on this website. If you have questions, contact us for more support. Please put Orphan Sunday in the subject line.

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